The Shrink Next Door Series Trailer Reveals a Unique Bond Between Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell

TV News The Shrink Next Door
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<i>The Shrink Next Door</i> Series Trailer Reveals a Unique Bond Between Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell

“Without trust, we have nothing,” declares Paul Rudd in the first-look trailer for The Shrink Next Door. The dark comedy series starring and produced by Rudd and Will Ferrell is hitting Apple TV+ this November. Based on a wild true story, The Shrink Next Door, will follow Ferrell and Rudd as a psychiatrist and patient with a complicated bond.

Rudd plays Dr. Ike Herschkopf, a charming psychiatrist working with patient Marty Markowitz (Ferrell). According to a press release, The Shrink Next Door will be a dark comedy about how the doctor “slowly inserts himself into Marty’s life, even moving into Marty’s Hamptons home and persuading Marty to name him president of the family business.” Herschkopf and Markowitz’ true-life relationship was previously documented on the popular podcast, also titled The Shrink Next Door. Now, the Apple TV+ series will explore their unique doctor-patient connection over the course of an eight-episode season.

Kathryn Hahn and Casey Wilson will also be featured in the series, as Markowitz’s sister and Herschkopf’s wife respectively. Directed by Michael Showalter, The Shrink Next Door premieres with a three-episode drop on November 12. Check out the trailer below:

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