Archer Review: “Swiss Miss” (2.1)

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<em>Archer</em> Review: &#8220;Swiss Miss&#8221; (2.1)

The last season of Archer left the ISIS team in utter shambles. Archer had a mind-control chip embedded in his skull, Malory was busy dealing with the escalating repercussions to her affair with the head of the KGB, and Cyril was balls deep in a French secretary. In other words, business as usual.

Season Two picks up with the team attempting to secure an investment from a wealthy surveillance mogul. In an attempt to impress the potential investor, ISIS travels to Switzerland to fend off potential kidnappers. Their target? Heiress Anka, a slutty little Paris Hilton-type with a crush on Archer—oh, and she’s turning 17?

Archer spends the rest of the day being called a pig (in no less than thee languages), accidentally slicing his penis, warding off “Countess Von Fingerbang,” and—in a surprising fashion—actually saving her from kidnappers. Not that anyone will believe him of course—she’s a slutty little ninja.

Meanwhile, Malory and Pam (yes, Pam) take to seducing Anka’s father—turns out he’s a chubby chaser with a high caloric dairy fixation. Several “green russians” later (Absinthe, Vodka and Cream according to an animator from the show), the trio is sloshed in the hot tub with little regard for Archer’s daring (and again, surprisingly competent) snowmobile escape with a topless Anka in tow.

The episode marks a slight change in the tone of Archer, specifically pointing out a shred of decency left in our title character. Be it the threat of imprisonment or the sheer high-school-ick-factor, but for once in his life Archer not only refrains from attempting to bed the busty young lass but actually spurns her numerous advances. Archer’s special-agent prowess has been made explicitly clear in past episodes, but until now his performance consisted largely of colossal screw-ups. Apparently, when he’s not busy being a terrible person, he’s actually an impressively skilled spy.

So where does that leave this episode? All in all, a bit off the mark. The debauched hilarity is all there, but it turns out to be more entertaining watching Archer fail miserably where he needs to succeed than succeed with no praise. Still, we’re just thrilled to have him back.