The Uncanny Similarities Between the Trump Presidency and Arrested Development

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The Uncanny Similarities Between the Trump Presidency and <i>Arrested Development</i>

Fourteen years after the series’ debut, Arrested Development is surprisingly relevant to a Trump presidency. Take a closer look and you’ll find prophetic comedy of the sort seldom seen outside The Simpsons’ writers’ room. From Sudden Valley to the banana stand, Trump’s grubby little fingerprints cover every inch of the Bluths’ story.

After all, our new president is an orange [County] real-estate developer, accused of questionable financial dealings and some light treason. He prides himself on his deft hand with the media—his illusions! He’s a man of many friends and he loves them all equally, except when he doesn’t. He’s impetuous, narcissistic and child-like; he enjoys expensive things, yet he’s unwilling to pay full-price… But since Trump has effectively taken over office chit-chat, party small-talk and your social media feed, we’ll leave him for last. There’s plenty of Hurwitz to go around!

Now, the story of a wealthy family that won the presidency, and the one daughter who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s Elected Trump-velopment…