This BBC Fall TV Promo, Featuring Cumberbatch, Elba, and More, Will Make You Wish You Were British

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Okay, maybe that’s not strictly true, but try to watch this three-minute BBC fall TV promo and tell me I’m wrong. Everything about it is cool. We get glimpses of Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock’s highly anticipated Victorian England episode, Idris Elba as Luther, whose life only seems to get crazier, and Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie in the show I’m most excited about—an adaptation of John LeCarre’s The Night Manager. That’s not nearly all—we also get Tywin Lannister (playing a different role, I grant you), the excellent Peter Capaldi as Dr. Who, and even Brian Cox doing some kind of nature show. Plus, a woman talking about sculpture, some comedy, Charles Dickens stuff, and a reality performance-y thing! (Fine, I don’t know much about those other shows, but since they’re British, they have to be cool, right?)

Start booking your plane tickets, everyone—we need to be in England POST-HASTE.

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