Watch the Unsettling New Trailers for Black Mirror Season Five

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Watch the Unsettling New Trailers for <i>Black Mirror</i> Season Five

Buckle up, because season five of Black Mirror is shaping up to be a wild ride.

Last week Netflix introduced the trailer for the entirety of the show’s season. Following that up, the streaming service has shared individual trailers for each of its three episodes. This is Netflix’s first season of Black Mirror since the release of the show’s interactive film Bandersnatch.

Series creator Charlie Brooker is tackling strained marriages, ASMR-infused guided meditations and artificial intelligence in a season that seems to follow the ever-evolving theme of Black Mirror: Technology isn’t necessarily society’s friend.

It seems Marvel’s Anthony Mackie set down his newly acquired Captain America shield to lead one of the three episodes in the season, “Striking Vipers.” The least revealing of the trailers, “Striking Vipers” follows estranged college students who reunite in life “triggering a series of events that could alter their lives forever,” per Netflix.

Following the trend of altering lives, “Rachel, Jack And Ashley, Too” follows the tale of a pop star (fittingly played by Miley Cyrus), the AI robot modeled off of her and a young fan who yearns to have the so-called perfect life that Cyrus’ character supposedly has. Though at times comical, the trailer subtly delves into the dark side of Cyrus’ character and just how creepy AI can be.

Tapping into the craze of ASMR and meditation, as well as ridesharing, the final trailer depicts everyone’s worst possible nightmare when getting into an Uber. Following the rapid spiral that ensues, “Smithereens” follows the “cab driver with an agenda,” as well as the poor soul who just wanted to leave the airport. Actor Andrew Scott, best known for his work in Fleabag and Sherlock, plays the driver in what is set to be a crazy rollercoaster of an episode.

Black Mirror’s new episodes also feature the likes of Topher Grace, Damson Idris, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Angourie Rice in supporting roles. Brooker and Annabel Jones will reprise their roles of executive producing the series.

Season five of Black Mirror will be available to stream on Netflix June 5.

Watch the season five trailers below.

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