Netflix Shares Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Making-of Featurette

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Netflix Shares <i>Black Mirror: Bandersnatch</i> Making-of Featurette

Still wondering how the Black Mirror crew pulled off Bandersnatch? Netflix has shared a new making-of featurette detailing the ambitious production process behind the interactive film.

In the featurette, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker explains how the project came to be, after Netflix asked whether the Black Mirror crew was interested in doing an interactive story. The project that ultimately became Bandersnatch grew out of Brooker’s desire to do a period episode in which “you’re controlling somebody in the past,” as he explains.

Fans still making their way through Black Mirror: Bandersnatch can expect to wait a bit longer before the hit dystopian sci-fi anthology series returns. Brooker recently confirmed that the fifth season of Black Mirror has been pushed back due to the longer-than-expected gestation of the interactive Bandersnatch.

Netflix has confirmed that Black Mirror season five will premiere sometime in 2019. You can dig into everything we know so far about the forthcoming season here.

Watch the Bandersnatch featurette below.

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