For Your Consideration: Rachel Bloom Definitely Does Not Want an Emmy for Crazy Ex Girlfriend

TV Video Crazy Ex Girlfriend
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Rachel Bloom’s show Crazy Ex Girlfriend on The CW is known for the musical numbers that Bloom and her fellow cast members spontaneously break into mid-episode. They’ve become so recognizable Bloom has even gone outside the show to promote political causes in some of them. Bloom’s latest number is about the Emmys and how she “doesn’t care” about those flashy awards shows (or does she?).

In a “For Your Consideration” Emmy video released by Crazy Ex Girlfriend producer CBS TV Studios, Bloom, who is the series’ star and co-creator, appears with co-creator and showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna in the office of a PR executive to talk about promoting the show’s third season.

Someone brings up Emmy campaigns and Bloom, who won a Golden Globe for Crazy Ex Girlfriend in 2016, is not having it. As is typical, Bloom goes into an elaborate song to profess her disdain for winning an award that suspiciously resembles an Emmy.

If the musical number works, it will be Bloom’s first Emmy nomination for the musical comedy. Watch it above and find our ranking of Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s songs here.