David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess to Star in AMC Show Feed The Beast

TV News
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In arguably the most random pairing in TV history, the actors most famous for Ross from Friends and Jude from the Beatles-inspired film Across The Universe are co-starring in a new AMC drama.

The show is called Feed The Beast, and David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess are two best friends who start a restaurant. Based off of the Danish show, Bankerot, it’s brought on by show-runner Clyde Phillips and is a partnership between Lionsgate and AMC. The season begins filming in Feb. 2016 and is slated to begin on AMC in May.

The overall plot of “two friends starting a restaurant in the Bronx” sounds harmless until you realize that one of the friends owes money to the mob. There is betrayal, manipulation and more in this new drama, which will be 10 hour-long episodes.

Show-runner Clyde Phillips has previously worked on Dexter and Nurse Jackie.