Dexter Review: "Chemistry" (Episode 7.07)

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<i>Dexter</i> Review: "Chemistry" (Episode 7.07)

Will Hannah McKay try to convince Dexter to abandon the Code of Harry? Hannah sees killing as a game of survival, while Dexter has always killed as a way to channel his Dark Passenger. No force has been able to sway Dexter’s motivations, but I can’t help but think that Hannah’s scandalous ways will push him to re-think the rules which Harry had instilled in him at a very young age.

Season seven has been refreshing for a number of reasons. The most important change is that the writers have busted out of the formula that they were handcuffed to with the last few years. With the new season, Dexter has potential threats bordering from just about every angle, and it’s a different type of crisis than what we’re used to seeing. There’s a love interest that breaks Dexter’s code, a Ukrainian mob boss with a need for revenge and the investigation of the Bay Harbor Butcher case looming overhead, just to name a few.

Speaking of the Bay Harbor Butcher case, LaGuerta has stumbled upon evidence that now brings Dexter into question. While sifting through documents, she finds a Dade County Boat Registration Form and spots Dexter Morgan’s name checked off as a boat owner. Could this lead to an investigation of Dexter’s “Slice Of Life” boat and the surrounding waters for bodies? We certainly have seen LaGuerta’s relevance in the show practically disappear over the last few seasons, but this evidence is sure to push her back into a more interesting part of the show. But as we’ve seen in the past, those who snoop around Dexter’s personal life often end up on his table.

Sal Price notes that Hannah McKay’s killing techniques have evolved over the years. At first, she used a knife to kill, but now she uses poisonous elements from a flower to kill those who stand in her way. Sal Price was planning on writing and releasing a book that detailed the real story of Hannah McKay; that was until Hannah poisoned him with a heart attack-inducing flower concoction. The kicker is that Sal keeled over at Dexter’s apartment, leaving his living room as a crime scene. It appeared as though Hannah was in the clear for the murder of Price; that was until Debra found an interview on his recording device where Hannah admits to murdering a woman during the Wayne Randall case.

This is something that I didn’t see coming: Debra asking Dexter to kill Hannah McKay—almost as if he’s a tool to use at her disposal. Up until that moment, Debra had struggled with Dexter’s killing ways. The change of heart by Debra firmly places Dexter at a crossroads: Kill Hannah and side with his sister Deb, or continue his romantic relationship with Hannah and alienate his sister.

What if Dexter’s allegiance to Hannah pushes Debra to take matters into her own hands? Is she capable of murder?

Things to keep an eye on:
-Will Batista retire from the Miami Metro by the end of this season?

-How exactly does Quinn plan to deal with the Koshka Brotherhood?

-Will Isaak and Dexter soon get their moment alone?