Watch: Showtime Releases New Trailer Marking Dexter's 10-Year Anniversary

TV Video Dexter
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Dexter is back on Showtime … sort of.

The delightfully well-paced, morbid crime drama enjoyed a massively popular seven-year run. As the series turns ten this year, Showtime has released a new trailer that captures all that was—and still is—Dexter.

Also in honor of the milestone, Showtime will enable fans to vote on their favorite Dexter episodes via the network’s website over a four-week period, leading up to a #Dexter10 Fan Marathon screening of the top ten picks on Saturday, Oct. 1—exactly a decade after the series debuted.

Lastly, Showtime will debut a new Dexter mobile game on Halloween. The Gazillion-developed puzzle game will be available on Android and iOS devices.

Let the Dexter nostalgia commence!