The Hawkeye Trailer Unwraps Disney+'s MCU Christmas Series

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The <i>Hawkeye</i> Trailer Unwraps Disney+'s MCU Christmas Series

Of all of the Avengers and Avenger-related friends to get an MCU spinoff show, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye might be the most deserving. He’s a character who has been there since the first Avengers movie, and yet, we know almost nothing about him (if we haven’t read the comics, anyway). He’s involved primarily in galactic-level team-ups with sorcerers and gods and mega superhumans, and he has… a bow and arrow. God bless you Clint, but you’re not the most exciting when paired up with those others.

However, Hawkeye does look like he might be getting one of the most fun spinoff series on Disney+, where he’ll be teaming up with another archer, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), who dreams of being a superhero. The plot, for the most part, seems like Clint just wants to get home for the holidays, but his past continues to derail those efforts. I should note that “the holidays” specifically mean Christmas here, even the show is coming out before Thanksgiving. When is the last time we got a great Thanksgiving-themed TV show or movie? Disney’s War on Thanksgiving continues, I see…!

The series is helmed by Rhys Thomas and directing duo Bert and Bertie, and also stars Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez.

In any case, check out the promising Hawkeye trailer below; the series premieres Wednesday, November 24 on Disney+:

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