11 Glorious Pieces of Doctor Who Edible Fiction

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11 Glorious Pieces of <i>Doctor Who</i> Edible Fiction

Doctor Who has been on air since it first premiered on the BBC in 1963. Viewers have traveled through realms and time with the mystical doctor. The show owes its longevity to its fans, who’ve given it the coveted title of a ‘cult following.’ And wherever fans are, fan art is not far behind. Whovians love expressing their love for the show with various mediums, one of them being food. From chocolates, to cookies, to latte art and even bananas, these cooks and foodies have thought of everything. Check out the gallery for 11 glorious pieces of Doctor Who edible fiction

1. Hard Candy Lollipops, by Etsy User LIQNYC

2. 12 Pieces of Dr. Who TARDIS Dalek Solid Chocolate, by Etsy User CandKSweetShoppe

3. Shortbread Cookies, by Etsy User SweetAnsCookies

4. TARDIS Crescent Wrapped Pie, by Food Blogger Fiction-Food Café

5. TARDIS Latte Art, via Global Geek News

6. Jammie Dodgers , by Food Blogger Jenn Fujikawa of Just Jenn Recipes

7. Dr. Who Cookies and Cookie Cake , by Instagram User Marlene Charbonneau

8. Dalek Caprese Salad , by Kitchen Overlord Blogger, Chris-Rachael Oseland

9. Tardis Cake, by Instagram Account Adventures in Cakeyland

10. Cassandra Lasagna , by Deviant Art Artist Mike Daws

11. Banana Art, by Blogger CheekyRaven