30 of Paste's Favorite Gay TV Characters Since Ellen

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30 of <i>Paste</i>'s Favorite Gay TV Characters Since <i>Ellen</i>

Sunday, April 30 marks twenty years since Ellen’s two-part “The Puppy Episode,” in which the main character, Ellen Morgan (Ellen DeGeneres) comes to the realization that she’s a lesbian, first aired on ABC. Controversial to some, pioneering to others, and one of the highest-rated sitcom episodes of the decade, “The Puppy Episode” was nothing less than a landmark moment in the history of LGBT representation on TV. In honor of its of twentieth anniversary, Paste takes a (far-from-exhaustive) look back at some of our favorite gay characters from the years since.

“The Puppy Episode — Parts 1 & 2,” as well as all other episodes of Ellen, are available to stream for free in the Throwbacks section of the ABC app.