The 10 Best Etsy Finds for Twin Peakers

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The 10 Best Etsy Finds for Twin Peakers

If you plan to really geek out with your friends in preparation for the new Twin Peaks series, you should probably, definitely, splurge on some of these Etsy treasures in celebration of things to happen again. Here are some items that will help you bring the Black Lodge mysteries into your own lodgings. And if you happen to be looking for the perfect romantic gift for your favorite Twin Peaker, we’ve got some ideas for that as well.

1. Owl Cave Necklace by Kokorokara

2. Log Drink Coasters by SoulsCreative

3. Damn Good Coffee Poster Print by SoulsCreative

4. It’s Happening Again Lobby Board by LamplightDesignsCo

5. She’s Filled With Secrets Journal Cover by Memorabilia1

6. Smell Those Douglas Firs Exfoliating Soap by Orangefuzz

7. The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer Book Stash by Virtualdistortion

8. All Natural Black Lodge Beard Oil by Orangefuzz

9. Twin Peaks Gift Boxes by MySweetPaperCard

10. Welcome to Twin Peaks Pillow by JazzberryBlue