Watch an Exclusive Clip from Forthcoming Expedition Unknown Episode on D.B. Cooper

TV Video Expedition Unknown
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Paste is proud to present an exclusive clip from the new episode of Expedition Unknown before it airs tomorrow night on Travel Channel. The episode will have host Josh Gates exploring the mystery of D.B. Cooper, famed plane-hijacker, and question the previously held assumptions about the case.

As the story goes, the day before Thanksgiving in 1971, a man by the name of Dan Cooper bought a plane ticket on the Northwest Orient flight 305 from Portland to Seattle and took control of the plane in the air. He ransomed the plane and its passengers for $200,000 and then parachuted out of the plane mid-flight. Misidentified as D.B. Cooper, he has never been found or identified, and most of the money was never recovered. The FBI has closed the case, unsolved, after 45 years of twists and turns that have only complicated any theories or “facts.”

Cooper has never been identified or found, but Expedition Unknown is going to take a pretty sizable swing at it. If you’re into theorizing yourself to prep for the episode, the Wikipedia entry for D.B. Cooper is a crazy rabbit-hole of information that will lead to other lists of people who disappeared mysteriously, which is always a good way to spend your free time. No judgement—we’ve all been there.

Check out the clip above for a taste of what the episode will be like, and catch the actual episode tomorrow night, Jan. 11, at 9 p.m. EST on Travel Channel.