Meet the Superb Cast of Fargo Season Three In This Neat Little Sneak Peek

TV Video Fargo
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As you’ve probably noticed lately, we’re practically giddy about the next season of Fargo, basically waiting with literal bated breath. And we can hold our collective breaths for a very long time. Well, lucky for us, FX has handed us a little oxygen tank in the form of a “cast spotlight” video.

This neat little video not only lets us hear everyone’s take on the classic Midwest accent, don’tcha know, but we also get to see the new season’s previously unseen characters. Here we get to see, for the first time, David Thewlis’ horrifically toothy V.M. Vargas and Michael Stuhlbarg’s Lundergaard-ian Sy Feltz. There’s also some snappy dialogue, like Nikki Swango saying, “Unfathomable pinheadery,” which is officially our new favorite insult. All this to say, this looks like a banging new season of what might one of the best shows on television right now.

Season three of Fargo premieres on FX on April 19, which is a really long time for us to hold our breath. You can watch the cast video above and check out previously released teasers here, here and here.