The Conflict of Fargo Season Three is Kind of Revealed in This Featurette

TV Video Fargo
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FX has released a ton of Fargo promos recently, gearing us all up for the new installment of “tragicomedy” that is barreling right for us. Amazingly, most of these promos have been devoid of a large amount of the plot for the forthcoming season, besides a generalized feud between two brothers, both played by Ewan McGregor. And of course there’s a murder, because this is Fargo.

This new featurette has a pretty massive amount of plot (almost a little too much), and we learn that a lot of what the brothers Stussy are feuding over is a postage stamp, presumably one that’s worth a lot of money. And David Thewlis is looking deliciously creepy as the toothy V.M. Vargas. What’s really great about this video are the cast members’ thoughts on the subtext behind Fargo, which is really about miscommunication elevated into violence. “There’s a sort of misunderstanding always, between characters,” says McGregor. “It’s almost like people don’t quite hear each other.” Mary Elizabeth Winstead says, “Misunderstandings lead to mishandlings, that lead to misadventures in the typical Fargo sense.”

“As you can imagine,” Michael Stuhlbarg adds, giddy with excitement, “things go wrong.” Commence chills. Fargo returns to FX on April 19. Watch the new featurette above, and a whole mess of previous promos here.