Feeling Meme-ish: Recess

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Feeling Meme-ish: <i>Recess</i>

Today’s kids will never know the glory of King Bob, the poetic prowess of Mikey, or the feminist icon that was Spinelli (AKA Ashley). And while it’s true that there are plenty of great offerings for today’s youth, there’s just nothing on TV like Recess. It’s the kind of show that every parent who’s interested in being a decent parent, must introduce to his/her children at some point in time. We don’t need an excuse to create this gallery, because you never need an excuse to talk about iconic works, so please enjoy these wonderful Recess memes and gifs. Do it for the kids.

Shannon M. Houston is Assistant TV Editor & a film critic at Paste, and a writer for Salon and Heart&Soul. This New York-based freelancer probably has more babies than you, but that’s okay; you can still be friends. She welcomes almost all follows on Twitter.