Fourteen Golden-Age All That Cast Members and What They're up to Now

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Alisa Reyes (1994-1997)

Then: Made Lost seem downright enjoyable as spastic castaway Kiki in "The Island Girls.”

Now: In addition to co-starring with Bates and Johnson in Sisters, her MySpace page proclaims her to be an "actress/singer/producer/writer." And according to her Facebook page, last week she was a bridesmaid in her friend Shainoors' wedding. Congrats, Shainoor!

Lori Beth Denberg (1994-1998)

Then: Dished out sage advice on "Vital Information for Everyday Life."

Now: After a small recurring part on The Steve Harvey Show from 1998-2002 and smaller parts in Dodgeball and 2006 martial arts mockumentary 18 Fingers of Death!, basically fell off the map—so much so that the internet seems to be under the impression that she was the victim of an unsolved stabbing on Aug. 7, 2007. Or was it Aug. 23? Even Yahoo! Answers doesn't know! She doesn't seem to have any sort of publicist or agent, so we weren't able to confirm or deny.

Kel Mitchell (1994-1999)

Then: Bungled countless odd jobs as The Repairman (man man man).

Now: Appeared in several small movie roles since leaving the show, including Honeydripper and Like Mike 2: Streetball. Some sources say he voices the character Flynn on Disney's Phineas and Ferb, and some others say he died in 2006 (maybe it was in a double-suicide with Denberg?!) but both claims seem unsubstantiated.