Fourteen Golden-Age All That Cast Members and What They're up to Now

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Leon Frierson (1997-2000)

Then: The loud-mouthed, self-announcing Billy Fuco.

Now: He's a member of the LA hip-hop trio The Circuit and, according to Wikipedia, "As of late [...] has been seen voguing in shows in West Hollywood."

Christy Knowings (1997-2000)

Then: Jessica, one of the uber-90s “Whatever” girls.

Now: Hasn't acted since leaving the show, but now performs “nu jazz / freestyle / funk” as Cikae.

Danny Tamberelli (1997-2000)

Then: A majorly confused customer at the Everything For Free Store.

Now: Still best known as Little Pete from Pete & Pete, Tamberelli hasn't done much TV or movie acting outside the Nickelodeon universe of the 1990s (remember his cameo on Space Cases?) but has played in two bands (Jounce and the defunct Every Good Boy) and does sketch comedy with his Man Boobs group.