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Edible Fiction: <i>Game of Thrones</i>

Game of Thrones is a series full of sex and violence, but on top of all that creator George R. R. Martin, also filled it with something else that often divides readers: endless descriptions of food. Some readers find these seemingly never-ending depictions boring. Other readers (yours truly included) think that the great bearded glacier should win a James Beard Award for food writing… and many others are on “Team Food.”

In this gallery you’ll find impressive GoT-inspired culinary creations—some are conceptual (edible dragon eggs), while others draw from recipes described in the book (Sansa’s lemon cakes keep her hope alive). Here are our favorite bits of edible fiction, inspired by Game of Thrones.

1. Edible Iron Throne Cake Topper, by Etsy User Cake Freak

2. Dragonscale Cake, by Liv For Cake Blog

3. Crest Cookies, by Etsy User Just Say It With Cookies

4. Iron Throne Cupcake, by 1 Fine Cookie Blog

5. Dragon and Eggs Cake Topper, by Etsy User Lulu and Bumble

6. Crown Cookies, by Etsy User Storybook Bakery

7. Dragon Egg Cookies, by Fiction Food Café Blog

8. Pigeon Pie, by Geeks A Gogo Blog

9. Lemon Cakes Loose Tea, by Etsy User The Forest Witch

10. Tea Eggs , by Witchy Kitchen Blog

11. Crest Latte Art , by Instagram User SteamFist

12. Weirwood Tree Cauliflower, by Geek Dad Blog

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