Game of Thrones Cast Members Play "Sword or '80s Metal Band?", and They're All Bad At It

TV Video Game Of Thrones
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“Oath Keeper.” “Crimson Death.” “Heart Eater.” “Dark Sister.” “Savage Grace.” “Light Bringer.”

Can you tell which of these word combinations is a sword from the Game of Thrones universe, and which is the name of an ‘80s metal band? If so, you’ve done better than most of the cast of Game of Thrones, who came together to test their skills in the game of “Sword or Metal Band?” The video was put together to publicize a contest that will send two lucky winners to the show’s season six “red carpet premiere, with proceeds supporting the International Rescue Committee in its mission to aid refugees. Which is a super noble cause, but we can’t help but be distracted by the cast’s total ignorance of the swords on its own show.

My instant analysis—I’ll be referring to each actor by his or her character name, of course—is that Ramsay Bolton, torturer extraordinaire and hideous sadist, is the worst of all. With his silly grin, he looks totally clueless, and I’ll never be scared of his character again. Daario Naharis is almost equally ignorant, which must be why Daenerys would never marry him. Cersei starts out well, then totally flops on “Dark Sister,” while Davos seems like he’s going to redeem the entire cast until he can’t even identify the sword used by his boss, Stannis Baratheon. All in all, this is a terrible disappointment for Thrones fans, but even worse for the thriving, passionate community of ‘80s metal-heads. Watch the video above.

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