TV Tragedy: Miguel Sapochnik Will Not Direct a Single Game of Thrones Episode Next Season

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Today on Entertainment Weekly, the directors for season of Game of Thrones were revealed. You can go there and read all about them, but one detail stands out: THERE’S NO MIGUEL SAPOCHNIK.

If you don’t know Miguel Sapochnik, go get eaten by a dragon. Seriously, get out of here. And then when the dragon eats you, get brought back by the Lord of Light, go home, and watch every single Game of Thrones episode. When you do you, you’ll discover that there’s one director who stands out above the rest, and his name is Miguel Sapochnik. He was responsible for last Sunday’s incredible finale, and also the Battle of the Bastards episode, and also Hardhome. Those are probably the three best episodes of the entire series, and I’ll plug my ears and run in circles yelling “Dracarys!” at anyone who denies they’re at least in the top five.

The other directors all seem fine, but man…no Sapochnik? This is worse than the Red Wedding.