Watch a Complete Recap of Game of Thrones by Samuel L. Jackson

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Are you one of those people who wants to know what the big deal about Game of Thrones is without actually watching any episodes? Let Samuel L. Jackson fill you in.

HBO recruited the actor, who perhaps gave the term “motherfucker” the popularity it enjoys today, to summarize the entire series in less than eight minutes. They compiled a video of highlights and had Jackson narrate the synopsis in a very SLJ way.

Some key points that Jackson makes include:

“The mad king tried to burn everybody in the kingdom to a crisp in a wildfire until this motherfucker killed him.”

“These motherfuckers are cold, which is why everybody should be worried about this long ass winter coming, but instead, they’re too busy fighting.”

“Nobody seems to have any idea that the White Walkers are about to wipe out everybody. The seven kingdoms, the wildlings, everrrrrybody.”

“This asshole [Joffrey Baratheon] has to marry her [Margaery Tyrell] to fuse the families together.”

“Bran trippin’.”

“Cersei thinks she’s a good leader, but she ain’t. She’s pretty much Marie Antoinette in this whole situation.”

“Mo’ power, mo’ problems.”

“Sansa can’t catch a break and it stuck in the worst relationship of her life with this dickhead [Ramsay Bolton].”

The clip ends with Jon Snow finding the fateful sign that says, “Traitor,” and Jackson teases that what happens next is “huge, huge, HUUUGE.”

With what was covered in seven minutes, Jackson admits that it’s barely the whole story, nothing compared to “the backstabbing, the lying, the cheating, the parts that’ll make you feel uncomfortable, the parts that’ll break your heart, epic battles … ”

See the whole “Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide” from HBO above.

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