Watch a New Game of Thrones Trailer, Because That's All We've Got For Two Weeks

TV Video Game Of Thrones
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“That’s what I do,” says Tyrion Lannister, by way of explaining his knowledge of dragons in captivity. “I drink, and I know things.”

And that’s really the best part of the new Game of Thrones trailer, which is like a small oasis in the desert of anticipation that stands between us and the season six premiere in two weeks. Otherwise, it’s a mishmash of fast-paced clips that kind of tell a story but remains vague enough not to spoil anything. As far as Jon Snow goes, both sides of the “is he dead??” debate will undoubtedly emerge with new evidence to support their cause. But man, that’s a hell of a Tyrion line! Watch the clip above, and take your precious, precious sip of the life-sustaining content. Just know that the oasis runs dry in two minutes…or however many views it takes to exhaust your obsession.