Watch the New Game of Thrones Trailer, Somehow Darker than Ever

TV Video Game Of Thrones
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The video you see above is not the official full-length season six trailer for Game Of Thrones (that can be found here), but it is a brand new slice of terror for us to watch in advance of the April 24 premiere. Where the trailer featured tinkling music and a dose of melancholy, the 30 seconds here are pure terror, from Daenerys being held captive by the Dothraki, to a dark chase in the forest reminiscent of the show’s first ever scene, to the awful countenance of Ramsay Bolton, to Bran’s vision (I hope it’s just a vision) of the head white walker, to the sinister words of Jaqen H’ghar referring to death as a “gift”...well, it’s not the most uplifting material you’ll watch today. But, if you’re like me, it will get you extremely excited for the start of a new season.

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