Watch the Second Trailer for the Game Of Thrones Season 7

TV Video Game of Thrones
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The second trailer for Game of Thrones is out, and the initial post on Facebook has received as many millions of views in an hour that a DJ Khaled music video couldn’t dream of matching.

This time we see our favorite Westeros characters preparing to fight not amongst themselves for the Iron Throne but together against the White Walkers. The white wind blows south and it is no longer a chill anyone can ignore.

How the leaders vying for the Iron Throne will be able to put aside their difference and create a strong northern front is beyond us, but how it affects the battle for power within Westeros will no doubt spurn discussion from now until the season finale.

HBO has been tight lipped about the coming season, refusing critics advance screenings and instead releasing more information about the possible spinoffs to come afterwards.

All we can do now is watch the second trailer for season seven above and rewatch the first trailer below. The season premiers July 16 on HBO.

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