New Gilmore Girls Trailer Has Sentiment, Lorelai Pondering an Amy Schumer Friendship

TV Video Gilmore Girls
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Last Fall, Netflix heeded the call of fans everywhere when it confirmed a limited, four-part revival series of the popular motor-mouthed TV dramedy Gilmore Girls.

After a steady trickle of news confirming returning cast members and widespread series availability, a teaser trailer for the new series, titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, has officially dropped.

The footage shows pastoral, nostalgia-heavy shots of Stars Hollow before cutting to the two titular Gilmores having an extremely familiar, funny conversation. Lorelai wants to be friends with Amy Schumer, a dream her daughter Rory crushes with the swift wit the show is known for.

Find out Rory’s rock-solid reasoning by watching above and prepare for only four more months of waiting, as Netflix announced today that the series will officially be available for streaming on Nov. 25—find that announcement (and a slew of others) here.

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