Grimm Review: “Synchronicity”

(Episode 3.17)

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<i>Grimm</i> Review: &#8220;Synchronicity&#8221;

We could hear the bells during last night’s episode of Grimm, as much of “Synchronicity” focused on the wedding that may or may not happen this season. Nick and Hank open the episode discussing the danger, possible carnage, and fear associated with Nick’s new position as Best Man. He’s still unsure about playing such a big role in Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding.

Back in Austria, we have some good news and bad news. The good news: Adalind and baby escape. The bad news: this may be the last we’ve seen of her gorgeous, life-saving bodyguard. Though in this episode, it has to be said that her true bodyguard is Nick’s mother. Kelly takes gangsta to a whole new level, kills the folks chasing after Adalind and her bodyguard, gets Adalind on the plane, and even has diapers for the baby. BOOM! (Hope she brought some wipes, too.)

When Nick goes to explain to Monrosalee that he doesn’t think he should attend the wedding, he learns something fascinating about himself. One of the reasons wesen are so intensely anti-Grimm is because of his eyes. They can actually see a darkness in his eyes that reflect their own true nature back at them. It’s unsettling to them (understandably) and, well, it makes them want to kill him. So they decide on sunglasses, which means everyone will still hate Nick at the wedding—not because he’s a grimm, but because he’ll be one of those guys who wears sunglasses indoors. In the meantime, Nick and Juliette are having their own little non-wedding-related issues—the issue being that there’s a non-wedding going down in their relationship, since Juliette is still keeping that engagement ring in her top drawer. Nick is just about to bring up the issue when his mom pops up with Adalind and a baby in tow. Dontcha just love when your mom shows up unannounced with some crazy Resistance stuff that she totally needs your help with right then and there?

It’s all looking very VH1 Love & Hip Hop when Adalind first shows up, but they all come together to look after the baby. Kelly also explains Contaminatsia Ritualiz (how Adalind got her powers back), while Juliette breaks down a little Carl Jung synchronicity (why she believes Adalind and the baby have come to Nick). Basically, it gets deep. But in the end, Adalind is too uncomfortable in the house, so she takes baby and runs to Renard’s condo. The episode ends with Papa Renard holding his baby girl for the first time—a sweet and tender moment that promises some serious upcoming drama.

Stray Observation:
Kelly asked Adalind if she’d consider leaving the baby behind, so the powers that be would leave her alone. When Adalind said they’d have to kill her first, Kelly noted that she was a true mother. I’d say that the moment Adalind became a true mother was when she woke up from that nap on the plane (her first in many days), and was rocking the mom bed-head to end all mom bed-heads. And she didn’t even stop to smooth down those locks—she stood up and went straight for her crazy little, telekinetic baby. Welcome to the fold, Adalind. Welcome.

Favorite Quote of the Episode: “That was a helluva coma you put me in, bitch.” (Juliette to Adalind)

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