Grimm Review: "The Bottle Imp" (Episode 2.07)

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<i>Grimm</i> Review: "The Bottle Imp" (Episode 2.07)

This episode subjected us to one of the cruelest opening sequences in Grimm history: an ecstatic Nick watches Juliette regain her memory to tell him she believes he’s a Grimm, only to realize he’s dreaming. Nick’s heart remains broken, and we have to sit through yet another episode of amnesia-based frustration. It almost makes the episode’s homicide seem humane.

Speaking of the crime scene, it was a particularly nasty one. Sergeant Wu quipped, “I miss the good old times when people just shot, stabbed or strangled each other.” But sarcastic one-liners, bromance and an entertaining Monrosalee subplot kept the episode from diving into the brooding rut that has plagued season two. Grimm may finally have perfected its gore-to-hilarity ratio.

On a more endearing note, Nick invites Hank further into his confidence by showing Hank his trailer stocked with prized Grimm lore. It was like watching two kids in a candy store, if the candy was a copious amount of lethal weapons. I’d love to see the two guys drinking beers and nonchalantly shooting crossbows in a future episode. It’s about time those detectives bonded outside of murder investigations.

Highlights of the night include Monroe’s elixir debacle and the psychotic mouse man. Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) reappeared this episode with sarcasm that stole every scene he was in, proving it’s guest stars and minor characters like him who maintain Grimm’s polished reputation.

Best Monroe Quote of the Night: “How bad? Just wondering, on the scale of terrible, you know, like one to 10?”