Grimm Review: "The Good Shepherd" (Episode 2.05)

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<i>Grimm</i> Review: "The Good Shepherd" (Episode 2.05)

Pride and prejudice took center stage during this week’s episode, but not in an Austen chick-flick kind of way. When Grimm mixes an arrogant blutbad masquerading as a preacher and a parish of narrow-minded seelengut (think sheep people), you know homicidal tensions are running high. The “Big Bad Wolf” and “Baa-Baa Black Sheep” are predestined to spell trouble for each other after all.

Amidst a fairy tale gone horribly wrong, the episode’s critique of racism (or, in Wesen cases, speciesism) is a change of pace for the otherwise politically indifferent show. Blanket statements made by characters defaming blutbaden as “all sinners at heart” and seelengut as “mindless, glassy-eyed, cow-town stooges” littered the episode. Conflict between Wesen is nothing new, but the intense prejudice between two character groups served to humanize them in a dramatic way. Though major plot and character development was sparse this week, the Wesen community finally became a three-dimensional entity in Grimm.

Highlights from the episode include Monroe’s disgust of digital clocks, Monroe getting chased by the sheep people, and Monroe’s fear of the “freaking herd mentality.” Monroe stole the show, as usual, while Nick slid further into his own brooding rut. Nick’s penchant for vigilantism peaked in this episode, as did his disturbingly nonchalant attitude toward murder. After bludgeoning to death his mysterious stalker, Nick dumps the man’s body in a river and simply returns to his homicide investigation. Grimm needs to rein Nick in before he turns into the next Dexter.

Best Monroe Quote of the Night: “Well, I got to hand it to you folks; you’re really making me hungry. Oh. Not you, the food.”