Grimm Review: "The Other Side" (Episode 2.08)

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<i>Grimm</i> Review: "The Other Side" (Episode 2.08)

Kids gone wild is now a recurring theme on Grimm, as this episode marked the second in a row focused on homicidal, Wesen teens. Academic decathletes were the victims in a series of murders reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians, exposing the most bizarre murderer on Grimm yet.

Nick and Hank spent the episode following a trail of mangled corpses towards the enigmatic serial killer. The murderer (who will remain nameless in the interest of spoilers) was discovered to be a genetically modified Wesen, making Dr. Jekyll appear boring in comparison. Grimm is never lacking for creativity, as proven by its recent naive yet maniacal villain.

Meanwhile, Captain Renard’s creep-factor spiked when he made stalking Juliette an Olympic sport this week. His little “kiss of life” from seven episodes past is turning him into an obsessive madman with no cure in sight (besides Monroe’s “reverse Viagra,” of course). This makes for one twisted love-triangle: Nick’s in love with Juliette, Juliette is spellbound—literally—by Renard, and Renard is reluctantly infatuated with Juliette. Throw in a vampire and you’ve got the makings of a teen soap.

In spite of Renard’s brush with insanity, his character is finally getting humanized. His background, complete with a mysterious royal for a father and a disgraced hexenbiest for a mother, reveals he’s a half-breed Wesen with serious family issues. Add his conniving half-brother to the mix and you’ve got one volatile family cocktail. Despite Renard’s psychosis and questionable agenda, he’s managed to become Grimm’s antihero thanks to the acting talent of Sasha Roiz.

Other highlights include the clumsy intern introduction, the reference to Nick’s ancestor sailing with Charles Darwin, and Monroe’s nerdiness in the spice shop. If only the writers would realize that more scenes with Monroe equal better episodes. We saw him for all of three minutes this week, and Grimm’s hilarity-to-gore ratio suffered as a result.

Best Monroe Quote of the Night: “Going with the flow is really not a healthy game plan.”