Grimm Review: "To Protect and Serve Man" (Episode 2.11)

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<i>Grimm</i> Review: "To Protect and Serve Man" (Episode 2.11)

The past comes back to haunt Hank this episode as he tries to save a man on death row. Charged with murder seven years ago, and arrested by none other than Hank himself, Craig is 36 hours away from execution. But Craig still insists that he acted in self-defense against two “monsters,” leading Hank to wonder if there’s truth in the statement.

In a show centered on strange creatures, there’s never really any doubt in the audience that Craig’s claim is legitimate. We watch Nick and Hank chase down the facts for half an hour to discover that the murder victim and his brother are Wendigos (think cannibalistic nightmares that bury their “dinner” leftovers in pits). So Craig is telling the truth, and Hank has to find enough evidence to save him from his impending lethal injection.

The suspense finally kicks in when Nick and Hank find a pit of rotting corpses buried beneath the Wendigo brother’s house. Lo and behold, the Wendigo chooses that exact moment to charge in and attack them both. Throughout the next few scenes, including one where Hank ventures into a dark orchard alone, I found myself screaming at the TV as if the characters could hear me. It’s this kind of “Look-behind-you!” suspense that makes Grimm the heart-pounding show we expect it to be.

Meanwhile in crazy town, Renard and Juliette’s mutual obsession with each other is reaching new levels of insanity. Renard copes by drinking himself into a stupor, while Juliette settles on girl talk and self-pity. Both are aggravating to watch. But an appointment to end the agony at Rosalee’s spice shop gives them both hope… until Monroe catches them making out. Awkward.

Highlights of the night include the news that Rosalee will soon return and the Wendigo mythology. With La Llorona from Hispanic tradition and now the Wendigo from Algonquin lore, Grimm’s fairytale stories are becoming more globalized. If only Monroe was given more screen time to commentate on these baddies from around the world.

Best Monroe Quote of the Night: “I’ll do my very best to get you de-obsessified.”