Check Out the Apocalyptic Trailer for BBC One and Hulu's Hard Sun

TV Video Hard Sun
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BBC One and Hulu have teamed up to bring us a new series from Luther creator Neil Cross, and it’s going to bring on the apocalypse.

Hard Sun, announced by Hulu earlier this year, follows Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn as British detectives who find a flash drive that foretells the end of mankind. Sturgess’ character is described as a good man and a good cop, but also a dirty one, while Deyn plays a difficult, damaged, “incorruptible” individual.

Deadline quotes creator and writer Neil Cross:

We had a blast making it. We filmed from January to end of May. Of course, making TV is always difficult but there’s no reason on God’s Earth why doing what we do shouldn’t be fun. In some ways it’s been a relatively simple process in that I wrote all the episodes but, and I’m trying to find a non-clichéd way of saying creative relationship, there isn’t one. It’s been very relaxed and fruitful.

Hard Sun premieres on BBC One in the U.K. on Jan. 6, 2018 and on Hulu in the U.S. on March 7.