Succession Season 3 Trailer Asks, "Are You Part of This Family or Not?"

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<i>Succession</i> Season 3 Trailer Asks, "Are You Part of This Family or Not?"

Our favorite family of rich bastards are finally back. After COVID-19 substantially delayed production, Season 3 of Succession returns this fall to HBO. A first-look teaser brings us right back into the brutally funny Roy family drama as if we haven’t even missed a beat.

In case haven’t jumped on the Waystar Royco bandwagon yet, Succession follows Murdoch-esque news mogul Logan Roy and his family of adult children, all of whom are desperately vying for control of their father’s company after his eventual retirement. Each member of the Roy clan is devious, conniving, and willing to slash the throats of anyone who stand in the way of their power, blood be damned.

In the explosive final moments of Season 2 of HBO’s intense and darkly hilarious family drama, eldest son Kendall Roy took a massive swing at his father and the billion-dollar corporation he controls. Nearly two years later, we finally get to witness the fallout of Kendall’s betrayal. The new teaser assures us Season 3 will be just as juicy as its predecessors.

So which Roy will win control of Waystar Royco and earn that oh so desired kiss from Daddy? We’ll be tuning in to Season 3 of Succession this fall to find out.

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