Frank Underwolf Takes Over Sesame Street In House of Cards Parody

TV Video House of Cards
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Sesame Street is on a roll when it comes to parodies. Recently, they came out with ” Big Birdman ” and now, less than a week before the premiere of season three of House of Cards on Netflix, the show has come out with “House of Bricks.”

The video opens with Sesame Street’s own take on House of Cards intro credits before we are introduced to the man/wolf himself, Frank Underwolf, as he puts his plan into place to finally get into the White Brick House, in a fun take on the “Three Little Pigs” fable.

Underwolf is a perfect imitation of our favorite murderous politician, complete with his Southern drawl and his propensity for speaking directly to the viewer. It’s hard not to feel the same rush of guilty pleasure we get from seeing Frank Underwood manipulate his opponents, as we watch Underwolf toy with the little pigs hiding in their little houses, set up like the three branches of government.

Watch the video in the player above and get ready for House of Cards season three to premiere on Feb. 27 on Netflix.

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