Things Are Looking Grim for America in First Trailer for Season Five of House of Cards

TV Video House of Cards
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House of Cards is coming back, which means that Frank Underwood is coming back to unnerve the shit out of us. And that’s exactly what he does in the trailer for season five, as he plots his future residency as President, term limits be damned.

The plot details are cryptically vague, but there’s a sense that things aren’t looking good for America here. Frank and Claire are continuing in their quest for power, because the “American people don’t know what’s best for them.” Joel Kinnaman is back as Will Conway, and it looks like he’s taking his political campaign quite seriously. Also, we’re pretty sure that’s Patricia Clarkson. What a wonderful addition. And, honestly, we’re all excited to have everyone’s favorite worst President on TV again, and not that one. One nation Underwood, indeed.

Season five of House of Cards returns to Netflix on May 30. Check out the trailer above.

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