Watch Jimmy Fallon Recreate the Fresh Prince Intro

TV Video Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show will be spending the week in Los Angeles, and to commemorate the program’s return to its former home, Fallon recreated the opening sequence to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air with himself in the lead role. It’s a fun, ‘90s-heavy homage, and the raps are only bad in the way that the original raps were bad, which is to say…kinda good.

Keep an eye out for appearances by some old show favorites, including Carlton (doing his famous dance) and DJ Jazzy Jeff (battling body odor as the smelly cab driver).

We were denied a Will Smith cameo, unfortunately, but he will appear this Thursday as a guest. Other celebs who will appear during Fallon’s L.A. week include Kobe Bryant, J-Lo, Neil Young, and Ellen DeGeneres.

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