Watch LeBron James, Jimmy Fallon in the Parody Video "Wastepaper Basketball"

TV Video Jimmy Fallon
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We’ll say it again and again and again—you need to be watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Last night he teamed up with Miami Heat all-star LeBron James for an 80s-inspired rap video about paper basketball. Yeah, that game where you free throw balled up trash into the trash can.

It’s an obvious stab at Kurtis Blow’s 1984 “Basketball” music video —the uncoordinated cheerleaders, the silver chain-link fence, the neon bubble font, the random nun chucks—all the same. The video even has that fuzzy rainbow sheen you get from watching a VHS on a really old TV.

Watch above as LeBron James dominates Fallon with a wastepaper slam-dunk. They even share an alley-oop.

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