Jimmy Kimmel Sort of Hosts a Friends Reunion

TV Video Jimmy Kimmel
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Twenty years after Friends made its premiere, there’s still no talk of a reunion—in fact, the only surprise fans have gotten is a month-long pop-up Central Perk in Soho. Jimmy Kimmel took matters into his own hands last night when Jennifer Aniston appeared on his late night show to promote her new film Life of Crime.

During the interview, Kimmel convinced Aniston to read through a Friends fanfiction that he penned himself. In the skit, Rachel and Ross, played by Kimmel, discuss a physical trial of their marriage. Aniston wasn’t exactly pleased with the script, especially when Kimmel pulled a Rachel wig out of the freezer. Kimmel’s skit, which took place in an exact replica of Monica’s kitchen (which cost $80,000, Kimmel said), featured surprise appearances from Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

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