Gabriel Iglesias Is a Fluffy Gangster in Gory, Intense New Narcos Trailer

TV Video Narcos
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Pablo Escobar may be dead, but it’s not like the cocaine trade suddenly stopped being lucrative. In fact, as soon Escobar went down, the Cali cartel took over. According to the exciting full trailer for the third season of Netflix’s Narcos, the cartel ran their business “like a Fortune 500 company” ... “cocaine incorporated.” And like most big businesses, their company apparently murders the hell out of virtually everybody they encounter, as evidenced by this gory, intense trailer.

This trailer is intriguing if for no other reason than it has Gabriel Iglesias in a fairly prominent gangster role at the beginning. It looks like he may get blown away with a submachine gun at close range, but given that he’s not so much fat as “fluffy,” maybe he survives the encounter. Also of note is the conspicuous absence of Boyd Holbrook’s Steve Murphy, as it appears Pedro Pascal’s Javier Pena will be taking on the Cali cartel on his own.

Watch the full trailer above, revisit season three’s preceding teaser here and get ready for the show’s release on Sept. 1.