Netflix Finally Gives Binge-Watchers a "Skip Intro" Button

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Netflix Finally Gives Binge-Watchers a "Skip Intro" Button

At long last, Netflix is giving the people what they want: a “skip intro” button. (For some shows, anyways.)

People first began noticing the “skip intro” button earlier this week, and began posting the news to Twitter. The button has been spotted on shows with set openings, including Iron Fist, House of Cards, Mad Men and A Series of Unfortunate Events. The button has yet to appear for shows with cold openings that don’t necessarily begin with the title sequence, which, it seems, might be most shows. Also, it’s only shown up on the website, and we’ll have to wait and see if it rolls out to mobile devices.

Of course, if you’re binge-watching a show with a set title sequence, you’ve probably noticed that most of the time it’ll begin to skip automatically … but still. Now you have a button!