New September 2015 Movies and TV Streaming on Netflix

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August is finally coming to an end, which might lead you to believe the miserable summer heat will give way to glorious autumn. But there’s a catch: September is a sneaky-hot month, and has essentially become an unwanted extension of summer. There’s only one safe way to play this, my friends, and that’s to stay inside and watch Netflix.

Luckily, the world’s foremost streaming service is at our with some brand new programming. This month, we’ve got a Wes Anderson classic, CLOONEY, zombies, and JOAQUIN! Check out our featured recommendations, and read on for the full list of this month’s new offerings.

Moonrise Kingdom

Year: 2012
Director: Wes Anderson
Available: Sept. 16
Anderson and co-writer Roman Coppola avoid clichés at every opportunity. The forces that would typically work to tear Sam and Suzy apart instead rally behind them, perhaps infected by the conviction of their love, which never wavers, even in argument: “I love you, but you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Moonrise Kingdom is whimsical and, yes, precious, but it is so in the very best sense of the word.—Annlee Ellingson

Up in the Air

Year: 2009
Director: Jason Reitman
Available: Sept. 1
Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) lives his life traveling, and he loves it, even though his job is to fire workers for employers who can’t break the news themselves. The gig’s a downer, but at least he gets to fly. His remote boss is played by the great Jason Bateman, Vera Farmiga plays a fellow traveler, and when these actors pair off they’re fantastic. —Robert Davis

The Walking Dead: Season 5

Year: 2015
Network: AMC
Available: Sept. 27
The fifth season of The Walking Dead managed to accomplish the remarkable feat of keeping a rabid viewership entertained even after the novelty of zombie attacks had worn off. As Rick Grimes goes off the deep end in Alexandria, the prospect of total defection—including by his loyal friend Michonne—defines the drama of the season, and it turns out the world they built was strong enough to sustain the narrative, zombies or not.—Shane Ryan

Reservation Road

Year: 2007
Director: Terry George
Available: Sept. 16
There’s a particular subtext that I was really interested in which is the concept of revenge, an eye-for-an-eye, and in the process of searching for revenge, Joaquin’s character creates a monster, demonizes the perpetrator to the point where he can do violence to him. Joaquin’s character is a mild mannered college professor but just goes into this torment of rage. And what I did is alternate between the two characters so that you see what the reality of this monster is that Joaquin created.—Terry George, from a Paste interview

Avail. September 1

72 Dangerous Animals: Australia: Season 1
Arthur: Season 17
Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher
Battle Creek: Season 1
Capital C
Da Jammies:Season 1
Divorce Corp.
Giggle and Hoot’s Best Ever!
Heather McDonald: I Don’t Mean to Brag
Lawrence of Arabia: Restored Version (1962)
Los Hombres También Lloran: Season 1
Masters of the Universe
Mississippi Damned
Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: Volume 1
Mouk: Season 1
Our Man in Tehran
Pandas: The Journey Home
Person of Interest: Season 1-3
Puffin Rock: Season 1
Rambo: First Blood
Rambo III: Ultimate Edition
Shake the Dust
Sleepy Hollow
Such Good People
The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl
The League: Season 6
The Monster Squad
Up in the Air
Zoo Clues: Season 1

Avail. Sept. 2

Black or White
Miss Julie

Avail. Sept. 3

Baby Daddy: Season 4
Bad Night
Madame Secretary: Season 1
Melissa & Joey: Season 4

Avail. Sept. 7

Space Dandy: Season 2

Avail. Sept. 8

6 Years
Love at First Fight

Avail. Sept. 9

Teen Beach Movie 2

Avail. Sept. 10

Fugitivos: Season 1
Longmire: Season 4

Avail. Sept. 11

About Elly
God Bless the Child
Madame Bovary

Avail. Sept. 14

It Happened Here
Portlandia: Season 5
The Roughnecks
Why Did I Get Married?

Avail. Sept. 13

Comedy Bang! Bang!: Season 4 (part 2)

Avail. Sept. 14

Call the Midwife: Series 4

Avail. Sept. 15

Closer to the Moon
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
Kambu: Season 1
Rubble Kings
Sin Senos no Hay Paraiso: Season 1
The Bank Job
The Road Within
Zoobabu: Season 1

Avail. Sept. 16

Moonrise Kingdom
Reservation Road
The Blacklist: Season 2
The Fosters: Season 3

Avail. Sept. 17

The Mysteries of Laura: Season 1

Avail. Sept. 18

Keith Richards: Under the Influence

Avail. Sept. 21

Gotham: Season 1
The Following: Season 3

Avail. Sept 22

Person of Interest: Season 4
SMOSH: The Movie

Avail. Sept. 23

The Loft

Avail. Sept. 24


Avail. Sept. 25

Blue Bloods: Season 5
Hawaii Five-0
Parenthood: Season 6
VeggieTales in the House: Season 1

Avail. Sept. 26

The Canyons

Avail. Sept. 27

The Walking Dead: Season 5

Avail. Sept. 29

Bones: Season 10
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Monster High: Boo York
RL Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls

Avail. Sept. 30

Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Series 12
Leafie: A Hen into the Wild
Midnight’s Children
Murdoch Mysteries: Season 4-7
Ned Rifle