Orange is the New Black Meets Black Mirror in This Heavenly Netflix Mash-Up

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After the devastating death of Poussey (Samira Wiley) in last year’s season finale of Orange is the New Black, Netflix has blessed us with one more heavenly glimpse of the bubbly inmate.

When Poussey was killed in the season four finale of Orange is the New Black, fans mourned the loss of one of the series’ brightest stars and half of Litchfield’s dynamic duo along with fellow inmate Taystee (Danielle Brooks). Thankfully, Netflix is great at giving fans what they want and released a new short film, Orange is the New Black Mirror.

Mashing together Jenji Kohan’s Orange is the New Black with the Netflix anthology series Black Mirror, the short film recreates a scene from the most popular (and positive) episode to come out of the twisted doomsday series.

In the short, Wiley and Brooks meet in an ‘80s club dressed as Kelly and Yorkie, Black Mirror’s eventual female lovers who explore a virtual reality simulation for the dead and dying.

While Poussey and Taystee never fall in love as Kelly and Yorkie do, the scene feels like even more of a tribute to Wiley’s character when considering Poussey’s long-standing crush on Taystee in the series.

It’s exciting to see Poussey live on in Taystee’s memory, even if the Belinda Carlisle-themed scene is oh so fleeting.

Orange is the New Black season five premieres Friday, June 9 on Netflix. You can watch the short film above, and a trailer for OITNB itself here.