Sesame Street Takes on Orange Is the New Black in Spot-On Parody

TV Video Orange is the New Black
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The folks on Sesame Street have once again ingeniously dipped into adult TV, creating an Orange Is the New Black parody that stands besides those of Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

The spoof is appropriately titled Orange Is the New Snack and is set in Litchfield Academy as opposed to Litchfield Penitentiary. It features new girl in school Piper Snackman (who we kind of like better than Piper Chapman) causing a ruckus when she turns down puppet Red’s cookie offering in favor of a healthier snack—an orange.

“It is snack time. Everybody has cookies,” says puppet Red in a thick Russian accent, which isn’t as intimidating when coming from a light-pink puppet with blue eyeshadow. Piper’s disruption causes her to be sent to “the shoe,” which is a literal shoe.

The first laugh-out-loud moment comes during the title credits, which are composed of a montage of up-close shots of puppets set to a parodied version of Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time.” Lyrics include, “The girls at school / The girls at school / Munch munch munch till your tummy’s full,” and, “We’ve got time for snacks.”

Other characters that make an appearance are Pornstache (appearing as the G-rated “Mr. Mustache”), Lorna Morello and Crazy Eyes (known as “Googly Eyes” in Sesame Street world).

Watch Orange Is the New Snack above. Season five of Orange Is the New Black will be available on Netflix on Friday, June 9.