Outlander Review: “Rent”

(Episode 1.05)

TV Reviews Outlander
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<i>Outlander</i> Review: &#8220;Rent&#8221;

Claire has managed to get out of Castle Leoch, but now she is in a different kind of captivity, on the road with a bunch of rough clansmen. While they speak Gaelic to keep her out of their conversations, Claire finds a friend in Ned Gowan, and that takes the sting out of her exclusion. Angus is especially nasty in this episode. Every time he picks on Claire, and it seems like it is too much, Jamie is there.

The friction between the Redcoats and the clansmen becomes more real in this episode. It starts to make even more sense that Dougal and the other men are so skeptical of Claire. After seeing those men on crosses, who can blame them?

Still in shock this morning after the cliffhanger. Once again, I’m conflicted about Dougal’s role in regards to Claire. Is he her captor, protector, or both? Check out my recap and then let me know what you think.