Outlander Leaves Us with More Questions Than Answers in the Explosive "Providence"

(Episode 4.12)

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<i>Outlander</i> Leaves Us with More Questions Than Answers in the Explosive "Providence"

Watch our full video recap of this week’s Outlander in the clip below.

Poor Roger. He’s in a mess. Will he ever learn to stop following his heart?

I’m starting to think it is impossible for him.

“Providence” is yet another full episode without Jamie and Claire, and I want them back! I get that the story has begun to include more people, but I don’t like it when they cut out the main reason we watch the show.

Roger is still in captivity and being abused. He befriends a woman who has a white baby, and then he’s thrown into the hut. There, he meets another white man—a priest, no less. But this priest has violated a major rule… He fell in love and is the father of the baby Roger met earlier. He’s in trouble with the tribe because he refuses to baptize the baby.

Instead of doing what they want—or even faking it, as Roger suggests—he refuses and is tortured. Roger isn’t going to just sit there and wait for that to happen to him, though, so he starts trying to dig out of the hut.

Meanwhile, Marsali and Fergus are trying to come up with a way to get Murtaugh out of prison. Fergus wishes Jamie was there to help him.

Don’t we all.

Then he decides to do what Jamie would do: Bust out Murtaugh no matter what.

Bree is dealing with her new fiancé/brother’s dad and she tells him that she wants to forgive Stephen Bonnet. She wants him to take her to see him. He does not want to, but goes along with it. After all, he is in chains.

Lord John Grey is my favorite character this season. I can see why everyone wants to be with him.

Bree walks in, confronts Bonnet, and tells him about the baby. He then pulls a giant ruby out of his teeth.

Someone explain this to me… Did he lose a tooth and shove this in the hole? It makes no sense! Then again, I’m not an 18th-century dentist.

She walks away, but then she finds Lord John Grey in an altercation with a man and realizes it’s Fergus and Murtaugh. He has a choice: to do his duty to the Crown and turn them in, or to cover for them. He’s Lord John Grey, everyone’s hero, so yeah—he covers for them. Then they run.

In true Scottish style, to cover their tracks, Fergus and his highlander friends have surrounded the jail with powder and blow the thing up. Marsali is waiting with the getaway vehicle, and their family, along with Murtaugh, heads to safety at Fraser’s Ridge.

Right before the jail explodes, they show us Bonnet reaching for the keys. The question remains: Did he get out?

Roger escapes his bonds as they take his priest friend to be slowly burned to death—more like charred. The torture lasts for 3 days.

As Roger is running through the woods, he hears the priest screaming and tries to convince himself not to help, to worry about number one. As usual, Roger listens to his heart instead; he turns around and runs to give his aid. He cannot stop what is happening, so he cuts the torture short by sending the priest up in flames quickly.

Everyone around looks stunned, especially the man’s lover.

It’s weird, because they’re all watching him get tortured with zero horror, but when he’s quickly killed, they act shocked. It was a very odd sequence.

The lover kisses her baby, puts him down, and walks into the flames to die.

This was insane. If my husband was already dead like this guy was, I would not abandon my baby. Ever. Nor would my spouse want me to. That blew my mind.

Roger is then taken back to the hut, and that’s it.

One episode left and here is what we need to know:

Will Roger and Bree get back together? What will Jamie and Claire be up when (if?) they return next week? Will Lord John Grey ever find love? And who has Willie?

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