Outlander Video Recap: "Castle Leoch"

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<i>Outlander</i> Video Recap: "Castle Leoch"

The second episode of Outlander brings us right into Castle Leoch circa 1743. Although Claire has been to this castle before just a few days ago, the 200 years she lost make it very different indeed. While Claire is trying to maintain some distance between herself and this group of highlanders, she becomes more involved than she plans. Jamie McTavish shares his past with her and we get even more details about how evil Captain “Black” Jack Randall really is in this era.

Claire meets much of clan Mackenzie including “Himself” Colum Mackenzie, Letiticia, Hamish and a few bodyguards assigned to her by Colum (much to her displeasure). She also meets Geillis Dundan, an admittedly odd woman who extends the hand of friendship to Claire.

Enough of the written word though. Check out my video review for clips from the show and my list of five standout moments from this episode.