Poldark's Series Finale Gave Us Hope and Closure

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<i>Poldark</i>'s Series Finale Gave Us Hope and Closure

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Keri Lumm reviews the final episode of Poldark for Paste, which you can watch in the video above or read the full transcript of below.

From the first moment we saw Aidan Turner’s abs until now, five seasons later, Poldark has captivated fans. (Even when he was so naughty we wanted to put him in the time out corner. Which was a lot of the time.)

The last episode of the series begins with Ross using Tess, and Demelza finds out about their affair. 

Will he ever keep his pants closed unless he is with Demelza? If you get married, be married!

Demelza gets mad and leaves him and goes to Caroline and Dr. Enys’ house. But of course, then we find out that really Ross is just using Tess to uncover a plot of the French and to protect King and Country. Demelza doesn’t know this though, and unfortunately George and his cohorts are out to get Ross and assume he is involved in treason.

They want him to hang.

Even after it becomes clear to George and his partners that Ross is actually on the right side of things. They are still mad at him and decide not to pass along the notes Dr. Enys took from the hidden hole in the floor.

The thing you can’t forget though, even though he always seems to be waffling in his love is that Ross really does love Demelza and she really does love him. So when Caroline tells Demelza what is really going on, Demelza goes home, just as Ross is about to find himself at the end of a gun.

She steps in front of the gun to save him or at least buy him time, but her speech is confusing. She speaks the truth about all the bad things Ross has done, but it is enough for him to end up in a duel of swords. However, at the end when it looks like he is going to die, he has an unlikely savior: George!

He couldn’t let them kill Ross, even though he hates him. He resents that he is the father of his heir, and hates that his wife always really loved him. But George has a moment of redemption. He and Ross are somehow at peace. George decides to close up his house Trenwith, and with it memories of Elizabeth, which we see her shadow re-enter the house.

He also asks Ross to stay out of his son’s life.

It’s a request that is heartbreaking to Ross since it is actually his child, but after George saved his life, he doesn’t argue.

Dwight and Caroline also make up, and she opens her heart to him. (Even with their issues, this is still my favorite couple in the show.)

Morwenna gives birth to her and Drake’s child. I guess they were original hipsters, because they name her Loveday.

Ya’ll, don’t name your child this.

Ross and Dwight head out on an adventure together for the Crown, but they will be back because Ross and Demelza are having another baby.

Ultimately, this series finale did what good series finales do. It gave closure.

In a season finale, fine, leave me hanging. In a series finale, give me hope or give me closure, but either way—give us a real ending.

Poldark did just that.

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