The Poldark Season Two Premiere Proves the Show is Still a Masterpiece

TV Video Poldark
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Poldark is back, and so is its angst ridden love story, which makes it kind of easy to be thankful for the boring relationship you may or may not currently be in. Well, at least you have super hot Aiden Turner to look at.

This season starts with Demelza at home still grieving the loss of her child, and Ross getting released from jail, although he has a terrible trial coming up.

Unfortunately, he made an enemy of George and he is out for blood. But nobody knows that George is such a terrible human being, and Elizabeth decides to enlist his help for Ross. Her love for Ross is unwavering, and it’s honestly sad to watch someone devote her life to helping a man she loves completely, even when he does not return it. And she cannot love Francis as much, even though he loves her.

One wonders if Elizabeth could actually see how her unrequited love is affecting her life, if she would change, or is her love so pure that it cannot changed? It’s a love that’s hurting everyone around her, and she doesn’t even know it. It’s like she can’t stop herself.

Francis is dying inside from her rejection, and he puts the gun to his head because no one cares about him, pulls the trigger, and for a moment it looks like he’s dead. Seriously, the old aunt’s tarot cards show death!

But he’s not. He’s still thinking about it, but thankfully his gun misfired.

We also think Ross is going to hang because of his little deal on the beach, and because George has passed around a bunch of scandal sheets about him.

The good news is that Demelza comes to town even though she wasn’t invited. And although she totally tries to help Ross, and does more damage than good, Ross once again comes out on top, is vindicated and goes home with Demelza.

Some questions we still have to deal with this season: What is going to happen between the doctor and the newcomer, Caroline? Will he marry her and adopt her pug? She’s like the Paris Hilton of this era. What will happen with Verity and Francis? Will they reconcile, even though he hates her husband? Will Elizabeth ever come to terms with her real life?

The answers are unclear, but I’m glad Poldark is back. It really is a masterpiece.